Hands by Ivan Mesaroš

TL;DR Create a “one-stop shop” for global issue topics that engage the users to make a positive impact, provides the user a transparent data-driven flow, and sends them meaningful feedback base on their contribution.

In the module, we learn to do fieldwork to understand users’ wants and needs, how to gather data, select research methods, and conduct user interviews. …

A reflection article on how the “good intention” features have morphed into a hazardous feature that threatens the user’s wellness, beliefs, and even our political environment and reflects how the UX design is failing one of our most vulnerable digital users: The middle-aged super digital users.

Digital mutation

Digital features like Facebook or Instagram like buttons, push notifications, and AI suggestions were created to have a good intention and positive impact on users. It was supposed to offer them a better quality of life in strengthening the users’ social connection, keeping the user alert of important information, and offering the user personalized…

Berglind Ingibertsdóttir

A dame with a passion for behavior, UX, development, and design

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